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A youth-focused mental health/productivity app


    With other students

Enhance your study experience with our study groups! Create, join, and engage in live or scheduled calls with family and friends. Boost your motivation with a supportive cheer squad, while reducing stress and anxiety. Studying with friends not only makes tasks more manageable but also fun. Let's achieve goals together!


    Your tasks and goals

Take control of tasks with our collaborative management tools. Set and share goals, and motivate each other with features like app locking, timers, and reminders. Our system allows you to view and manage both your own and your group's to-do lists and calendars, fostering mutual accountability and success.


    To get it done together

Achieve group goals with accountability and rewards. Earn points based on app progress and win real prizes. We've partnered with companies to offer exciting products as incentives, making goal achievement even more rewarding.

How are we different from the rest?

Focused on youth socialization, motivation, and mental health, our app offers a comprehensive reward system. Features include individual and group goal setting, progress tracking, video calling, group studying, and accountability. We also collaborate with schools and educational institutions. Our completely free-to-use app is designed to address key student challenges: 80% struggle with motivation and time management, and 90% face mental health issues. Stand out with us!


Our app contains unique features that will increase your productivity and assist your needs anyway it can!

Live calls

Live calls on this app will allow for you to communicate with students and teachers in your educational program or can be just as simple as talking to a friend for motivation.

Custom Schedule

Motivemates works for you! So customize the app with your own planner/ schedule so we can help you stay on top of your tasks and goals.

Group Accountability

You can help your friends stay motivated by logging in every task you complete and letting them know they have a full cheer squad waiting for them to finish their tasks! Try and get to the top tier rankings by finishing up your goals.


Incentives can be won through a point system, based on in-app progress, with real prizes! Motivemates currently partner up with companies to use their products as incentives!

Social Network

Expand your social network through Motivemates! You can meet new people in study groups, live calls and advice/chat coloums.

Study Groups

Studying with a group is always easier on the mind! Through our features, you can have access to countless organizations and mentors that can help you! Join protected or public live groups to expand your knowledge!

Concept design

Here is the concept design for our app which is releasing soon!

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Hello! We are the co-founders of MotiveMates!

Sahej Bahl

CEO & Founder

Mehr Bagga

CTO & Founder

Arjan Bhatia

CFO & Founder

Jane D'Souza

CMO & Founder

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218 Export Blvd #501, Mississauga, ON L5T 1Y4


+1 833-207-2727

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